Is All Publicity Good Publicity?

A quick New Year reminder from TCM about the good and bad of publicity. Read on to find the only two tips you need for protecting you and your business.

But first, think BP.

With the explosion of social media use driven by technological advances and social behaviours, it can be very hard to hide from the wrath of the masses once there is traction on a story, opinion, or issue.

Think Cheryl Cole and ‘Gamu-Gate’ on X Factor in 2010.  Within a few short hours of the programme ending, ‘Hate Cheryl Cole’ was in the top three topics trending worldwide on Twitter.  Unsurprising then, that within the month Cheryl was appearing on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories and reminding us all that we loved her really.

Cheryl, unlike BP, was able to ride the bad publicity because she had already built up positive emotional capital within her audience.

Some business people are frightened to death of bad publicity, testimonials, or gossip about themselves or their business and they hide from social media use and guard themselves fiercely.  Do these behaviours sound familiar:

  • They won’t tell you their name on the telephone or put you through until you state your business
  • They are not on Twitter or Facebook, or sometimes even the web!
  • They don’t smile when you walk in the shop
  • They don’t make recommendations or talk about other businesses positively

But how do you find them to do business with when they are hiding under the bed?

You can welcome any publicity, enquiry, telephone call, and venture out in to your market whenever you want and without fear when you do these two things:

  1. Do your business in an ethical way
  2. Build up positive capital so that you can tip the scales if occasionally you make a mistake, don’t deliver, or if someone just plain doesn’t like you

~ by TCM on January 5, 2011.

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