Niche Marketing: How Many Is Too Many?

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We are all told to consider the subject of niche markets and whether you can have too many. Well I’m no marketing expert and that’s why I’ve asked TCM to help me with this one. In simple terms a niche market is an identifiable market that can be targeted and the key word here is ‘market’.  We are not talking here about products e.g. the Toyota Prius or denture cream, but a new group of people that we can sell our products to. Continue reading ‘Niche Marketing: How Many Is Too Many?’


Will A Bank Lend To Me To Finance My Business?

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This is question many business owners are justifiably asking, so it’s important to do your homework before finding out the answer!

Develop your business plan and realistically consider how you plan to finance your business.  Just like on Dragons Den, your bank expects you to know the basics before you walk in their door. Continue reading ‘Will A Bank Lend To Me To Finance My Business?’

Blog Makes a Splash in the Business Community

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The blog of local businessman Crispin Read has won a top award at the recent Awards event, held in Nottingham.

Crispin, part owner of Optimum Financials, which also trades under the name of 80:20 Financial Management, won the award for his blog ‘How to Write a Business Plan”.

The event, hosted by Daily Telegraph Enterprise Editor Richard Tyler, brought together business owners, entrepreneurs and the team behind the business reality website, which offers advice, case studies and resources to new business start-ups.

 “I am really excited to have won the award for ‘Most Useful Blog’” said Crispin, clutching his ‘Fishbowl’ award; “I hope that start-up businesses find the guide to writing a business plan of use.”

 80:20 Financial Management provides outsourced financial management to local, regional and national companies.

 To see the blog, visit

Bear Shaving, guess what? DON’T DO IT!

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And not for reasons that you might initially imagine to do with Health and Safety!

Seth Godin posted a blog about Shaving The Bear Continue reading ‘Bear Shaving, guess what? DON’T DO IT!’

ARE YOU INSANE? The Time To Act Is Now – Sustaining Competitive Advantage

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‘Organisations need to do all that they can to differentiate themselves – this can help them to secure an advantage at the cost of their competitors.’

Lovely rhetoric, but – let’s make like Obama on Inauguration Day and cut right to the chase:  Continue reading ‘ARE YOU INSANE? The Time To Act Is Now – Sustaining Competitive Advantage’

What Do Bank Managers Do – Can They Help My Business?

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Small Business – what DOES your bank manager do?

Technology advances, changes to orthodox bank structures, and massive shifts in lending policies has muddied the once clear waters of what a bank can do for you and your new business.

In today’s marketplace, you as a business start-up will have to make decisions based on something other than a tried and tested approach that has served business previously.  Continue reading ‘What Do Bank Managers Do – Can They Help My Business?’

Writing A New Business Plan – Every Business Owner’s First Skill

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As you step out into a future as a business owner, even if you are not the most organised or logically-minded person in the world, the plan that you write for your business is, simply put, the most important document you could ever write.  Continue reading ‘Writing A New Business Plan – Every Business Owner’s First Skill’